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TPPA Turbine Power Plant Automation GmbH


Our goal is to convince our customers of our efficiency and competence through economic and market-conform performance and services in order to create the basis for a permanent partnership founded on trust.

We continuously review and introduce sustainable improvements in our business processes, the services and goods we provide and our safety standard. To this end, we promote and train an awareness of quality, work safety, health and environmental protection in all of our employees. Apart from our company’s market success, the lasting satisfaction of our customers with our products and services is likewise the top priority in our work.

Our key parameters are absolute adherence to delivery dates, the competence of our staff and safe, high-quality work. We set great store by the safety and health protection of our employees in accomplishing our work. When planning work, avoiding work accidents and work-related illnesses as well as preventing work-related health risks and damage to the environment and property takes pride of place.

We support our employees by means of regular audits in implementing this business policy and indicate ways and means for continuous improvement. We set ourselves ambitious goals and check and improve our processes through measurable performance targets.

Our attitude and the quality of our thinking are the origin of the quality of our products and services. From this, we deduce the following principles:

  • Orientation to the needs of our customers
  • Quality in everything we do
  • Zero errors strategy
  • Continuous improvement of all processes
  • Investments in technologies to boost productivity and efficiency
  • Innovations through constant questioning of existing solutions
  • Team work to achieve our goals

For us, quality means:

  • meeting the expectations of our customers in every respect
  • that products and services meet the set requirements to 100%
  • that quality can only be achieved with corresponding care in all activities that have to be performed and this is consequently the task of every worker in our company
  • observance of statutory provisions and guidelines (e.g. VDE 0100)